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Let me tell you more info on Are men with Down Syndrome Fertile?

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Scientific information on the fertility of males with Down problem is bound. There has been at the least three documented instances when the paternity of a guy with Down problem had been confirmed. The likelih d is that additional situations is going to be recognized – especially since more males with Down syndrome have actually an elevated life span, are able to reside in the city, accept treatment plan for real and sensory impairments, get maximum nutrition, and develop intimate relationships. It is really not underst d in the event that offspring of males with Down problem are more inclined to have Down syndrome.

It can appear clear that, generally speaking, guys with Down syndrome have significantly reduced fertility that is overall than compared to other guys of comparable ages. An individual’s status are partially evaluated insurance firms a semen analysis (sperm fertility) done, but it isn’t really definitive. Contraception should always be used, unless a couple of has determined upon parenth d. Continue reading