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How exactly to utilize an Elgato HD60S with a Laptop to Record or Stream Console Gameplay

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Plus a essential action to just just simply take when you have a PS4

The Elgato HD60S is a outside capture card that may be used to record or stream system game play using A computer. Whilst many capture cards slot to the PCI-E slot of the Computer, the HD60S is external, therefore you may use your laptop computer. In this guide, explain how you we’ll may use an Elgato HD60S together with your laptop computer.

We’re going to proceed through each step of the process therefore you get the process right that you can ensure. When it comes to many part, all you could’ll have to do is have the proper pc computer computer computer software on your computer and plug things in properly. If you should be utilizing a PS4, you will have one action you are going to need certainly to follow ahead of the HD60S will continue to work. We are going to explain everything below.

Setup Console for Recording or Streaming

Firstly, you must first turn off HDCP in the settings menu if you are using a PS4. To achieve this, start your PS4 and then navigate towards the settings menu. Navigate to your base for the settings menu and select ‘System’. Continue reading