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Mentoring Goals: Examples for Inspiration. But what is a mentoring goal—and what are a few cases?

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Whenever mentors and mentorees start their journey together, one of several big topics of conversation involves mentoring objectives.

What exactly are mentoring goals?

Mentoring objectives will be the long-term and short-term goals the mentoree sets for himself or by herself. The long-lasting objective tends become a bigger objective (e.g. be a leader that is stronger while the short-term objectives would be the “mini” goals that require to occur on the way to experience the top objective (age.g. indulge in a webinar series on developing leadership skills).

The mentoree gets final state regarding the objectives, but she or he should seek input through the mentor. The initial handful of conferences should include this goal-setting conversation.

What number of objectives should a mentoree shoot for?

Like therefore things that are many life, this will depend. Be practical. Probably the most mentoring that is successful are people where both the mentor and mentoree believe the mentoree is making progress, not feeling overwhelmed or disappointed. Continue reading